Breast Reconstruction


Breast reconstruction is a delicate surgical procedure that is performed when cancer or another disease has caused the breast to be removed. This type of surgery can restore breasts using the patient’s own skin and tissue.


The best candidates for breast reconstruction are in good overall health and have a realistic outlook about the procedure. Although patients should wait until after cancer treatment is complete, it is not uncommon for breast reconstruction to be performed at the same time as a mastectomy.


The amount of time it takes to perform breast reconstruction varies with each individual. Breast reconstruction is usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. There are a few of different techniques that can be performed in order to reconstruct the breast:

  • Tissue Expansion with Implants – After a temporary saline implant is used to expand the tissue under the skin, a permanent implant is used to provide long-lasting shape and volume.
  • Tissue Reconstruction – Tissue flaps containing skin, fat, and muscle are taken from areas like the abdomen or back and used to form a breast mound.


After the procedure is complete, patients will feel tired and sore. Any swelling or bruising that exists will subside in a few days with the help of prescribed medication. Patients can usually return to work in a few weeks and any strenuous exercise or activity should be avoided for at least one month.


Breast reconstruction is a very rewarding procedure that leaves many patients with great results. Women are usually very happy with their new look and typically develop a new lease on life that they never thought possible.

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